imagecould it be that the word KUNG FU stems from the word CONVO as in the coloquial or slang word for conversation? thank your CIA and time travellers. peep out the pic and see the relation of the word KUNG and FU.
also i came from the generation where kung fu means of the wind and you werent allowed to use the word convo as a word in a sentence. now take a look at the characters and see the symbol for wind and the equal sign. the sharp A is also the opposite of the sharp V.
this is definite indirect proof of timetraveller technology and and perhaps the importance of realizing that we have been steered to come together regardless of color creeds and class? even upon analysis of the word convo, it could also mean, with foe. that class is emitted from the script and narrative is indicative of what we are facing. elementary i know. but it serves a s a reminder as to who the enemy is.



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