QUOTE OF THE DAY: i dont know why hollywood and every pocket philosopher out there worships this guy. the dude is teeming with hypocritical white guilt german social justice hero with money and never spent a goddamned day in the hood rhetoric. but i know its his articulatey faked intent delivery. but that doesnt make me wanna look up to him, but simply see him as my lesser equal. — by motherfucking me me
at 1:19, i love how jon stewart starts off with ‘geez why cant black people…understand where the clan is coming from.’ listen to the entire vids narrative and see all kinds of intel to string along all kinds of people at the same time pitting. i cant imagine one to be more venomous.
— hiding behind blacks, not to mention USING them and then mocking them by making delineations unheard of since the ross perot glory days.
— at 2:01 he says, ‘i’m reading on the plane.’ or ‘i’m rothchild’ if p stands in for child as in px on a christian motif. here he subliminally aligns himself with the german jewish elite.
again, listen to the rest of the monologue and youll know why he brought up the klan in between masonic social engineering allusions.
— at 1:29 he says, ‘how is it that we build something…’ aligning himself once again to corporate america and what the trade center really stood for. right afterwards he says, ‘we have to do some soul searching.’ this could be understood as, we have to do some ss’ing. this could mean assassinate, social services or cops, or whatever his signaling jew ass might desire since he’s teeming with written phrase trained convoluted verbal intel.
again, note the undercurrent antimasonic insults jon is dishing out on a hush hush. and making a really unintelligent association of the demolition of the twin towers to arab muslims? lmao! so what is it jon? muslim masons or jewish masons or the new york fire department? how bout silverstein jon, what happened to that larry king looking motherfucker right up there up to par with a rothchild if not an extension of the family jon? and that you knew and still gave that heart wrenching tear jerking speech on your show knowing damn well you were lying your ass off just as you are lying about the intel you are perpetuating in this video. BUSTED! HAHAHAHA!!



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