a slugs approach

chillin by the water reservoir at the herne kanal again and a slug coming from the west at the bottom of the stairs made its approach to me. he started of straight and then aligned himself and ran parallel to the top edge of the frame. ii asked myself if he was following the angle of the ipad? external influences. not sure, but when he started on the wall of the step, i jumped over him and filmed him from the bottom. he turned around and went straight for the camera corner on the ipad. the video went blank and quit working. my ipad gave me a mess of storage notification and that i couldnt take a pic. since no phones were around in range to remote except maybe a satellite, i attributed it to electromagnetic disturbance from the slug and perhaps in conjunction with mine. but that nigga was on a mission. thing about it is, we underestimate animals and their capabilities. they might look weak, useless and a fucking vegetable but they possess other abilities. see this in people.


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shred nugent google+



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