i took screenshots of the wiki article on the symbolism and history of the fez cap. in short of what may not appear on the article is the fezs popularity among masons and the nation of islam and other satellite american muslim organizations not to mention some people just like wearin it as a fashion statement, lol!
that tells us that there is an ascribed symbolism that is part of the intel rhetoric. we refer to this as the fezs manifest function or what is put out in the open or what is obvious.
the fezs latent or hidden function is A REMINDER OF WHITE ENSLAVEMENT BY THEIR OWN INDUSTRY MASTERS. how did i come to this conclusion?
— fez, in disagreement with the wiki article, is the colloquially corrupted german word FILZ which means felt. even the arabic word FAASEN which is a main town in morrocco in 1927 comes from the german word FASEN meaning thread, filament or grain as in woodgrain.
— before black niggas got enslaved to serve the cotton textile industry of the church, it was white niggas who got enslaved to serve the wool textile industry. this industry was then shared with the middle east and north africa. as a matter of fact where you see a loom you see a german industrial intervention.
— somebody had to make that hat that requires a heat press to get that fresh shape. who had command of steel industries in those days? germans.
it is only fair to see the germans or better said the administration share the industry but what did that cost us?we are in the situation today of immense inequity due to the planned corporate take over of the world and all small and private family business’ there in and replaced with city ordinances that doesnt allow for street vendors to make a living. back in the day when it was only a handful of companies employing people for work, trade flourished. a great part of this is buying and selling. that entailed food and other supplies. there were no ordinances in those times.
but can we remember what our great grandmother was doing for a living before the war and during the depression? no, our memories of a black economy has been replaced with movies documentaries and books of people depicted already in shops as an example and that was far from the truth in reality for most. and that is less than a hundred years. today we have seen starbucks run small coffe shops out of business. not only that we got politicians sitting in as board directors for some of these companies. then we wonder why we have monopoly and antitrust laws that are not being enforced.
it goes without saying that many white communities have suffered throughout their own history living under tyrannical rule and many have died and fallen fighting. to this day there is a strong undercurrent that can be felt. but they have been devoid of the memory meaning facts to use as legitimate and valid reasons for real change. if you can list and argue your cause with reason logic and facts you can raise a case. ask your grandparents and have describe the situations back then before they relinquished their powers to the state. ask who fell. ask who died and fell victim. who were their heroes and the people they looked up to. none of this anonymous shit that allows for a quick wash of the memory. take down names and write that shit down. pass it on. then organize. go grass roots.
check out looms from the philippines turkey and germany and tell me they don’t share a resemblance. even the loom you see in africa is admitted german. who gave them that technology? the shame placed on us by God is what paved way for this industry. now ask yourself who wrote the koran, bible and the torah? we have been fed lies and manipulated around our belief systems. it is up to us to separate ourselves from these old programs to see clearly without hindrance of culture especially when it is someone elses at the same time our own very cultures that imprison us.



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