in the previous post we delved into the etymology of the word fez and making the connection to german industry ie. church, religious works industry including islam, judaism and buddhism (follow textile industries and see where they are the strongest, china and turkey as examples of modern textile centers).
in order to prove that masonry and the world religions connection and use of time traveller tchnology, i have to make the connection of the fez to todays situation and even throw myself in the egomaniac fire to make the claim that the fez was based and derived from my drawings of our body’s energy centers based on my own findings within the rubrik of the occult and personal experience.
first we have to clarify and establish the premise:
— the wind is partially attributed to the mind and works of the upper organism or organ called the brain. it results from the electromagnetic impulses released from the brain that can be measured in frequency, eg. eeg machine.
— the wind as an entity is attributed the number 9 as in athena or a-tenner who dropped one down for war. 10-1=9
— the wind acts as your autonomous defense system
— the wind is attributed the color red with black or wine red/marroon as in the afro carribean deity centellita or oya.
now take a look at the drawing and find where i placed nine. on top of the head that extends over or at least in proportion to the thorax energy center. yo dont mind the chicken scratches on the side. its a working model.
thanks to the time travellers who put this in their time capsule. lol! my uestion is, how did ey get a hold of it? satellite hopefully and ese motherfuckers arent waiting for me to die. lmao! at least they cant eat me thanks to the controlled opposition spreading rumors about me being a pig and to that guy who wrote in the books that you shouldnt eat pigs. hahahaha! oh the complicated web we weave. fuckin ridiculous :oD



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