this is gross i know but had to document it. who says straight lines and angles cannot be mimicked by nature. here microbes are communicating a few frameworks of understanding in parallel.
— the angle it makes is 21 degrees fulcrum towards the rear. lol!

— hourhand and minute positions tell us either 3:20 or 4:15. added together they are respectively 5 and 10. 5+10 is 15.

— 15 lies in the upper left corner of the core chart when super imposed over my basemnt floor. lol! this is watariamba saca empenio or ochosi the hunter in the congo and yoruba pantheon. this is cernunnos or the jaegermeister in germanic lore. lol! in jewmerology 14 integral is 69 in the core chart and with +1 cross integral which is significant.

— this chart also is significant in that we yield mans number 6 who shows up in the center as 123 in the core chart.

— furthermore not only is the upper left corner congruent with the outer chart, 15 or 69 appears with both 50 and 6 in the center, but the lower left corner is also consistently 14 or 5. his is luceros position or mercury or hermes a.k.a. lucifer. lmao!

— but yeah, the fact that this wound looks like the goddamned target sign, it would have to be the jaegermeister. hahaha!



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