check out the pics of notes i made on how to defend yourself by using household items to more ‘exotic’ methodology. note that some things due to industry safety standards are not possible anymore and require retesting, ie. fireworks blackpowder don’t light up on their own and need another component that is separated when the firecracker is disassembled. also, many buildings are fireproof and vandalism proof. so, the intel given is intended to go with the times.
note the importance of todays situation and connecting that to the bay of pigs , the assassination of jfk and why carter allowed for a second wave of cubans entering the u.s. the democrats were trying to prevent the release of mafia/mob tactics which is the realm of gestapo that i associate themselves with. the masters of business administration and their rotary club masonic agents have made their fortune by giving false pride to workers a.k.a. modern day slaves. remember it was john f. kennedy who said ‘we are for infiltration’. who runs the workers? mafia bosses and rich families. this became the basis for corporations, to eliminate and hide valued targets through organizational restructuring. the same is being done to the aristocracy by dethroning them and mixing them in the general population not to mention mixing them genetically as well to hide their distinct physical features.
terms are taken from the kongo ritual tradition to fight against oppression and persecution. remember that to SS your ass better be 150 percent sure and you got 2 and a half minutes to do the job. any longer would be a bust. have your shit together. pay attention to your surroundings. accept personal responsibility. know the consequences.



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