in long island new york greenwich village where ex german elite nazi aristocrats went before they started scientology in the west coast after the war. now check out this very current lame ass attempt by their trolls to order a hit, ala hollywood. like means suicide someone these fuckin scientology wanna be pointy dunce hat wearin left over german aristocrats.
80s cocaine custies all pissed off coz the military ratted on part of their operation to sell crack in the streets of LA during the 80s. then found a patsy, ollie north. then went to LA TIMES in the 90s to expose the cocaine being sold in the streets of LA which was and probably still is in possession of the military in warehouses somewhere in california.
connect that to stepn co. of cocacola who is the only company that is allowed the import of coca leaves and the narcotics act of 1913 and 1927 that made virtually all illicit drugs illegal in one swipe; bayer being the main contributor and recipient.
in the 1913 narcotics act it was BAYER in leverkusen in germany that published a report stating that HEROIN was not addictive.
the thing about it is cocaine and opium are products of the respective countries they are grown in and is deserving of all the money you mafia boss motherfuckers have been making from it. you know kinda like oil and arabs. so get the fuck out of souh america and south east asia where you have absolutely no business in but making clean swipes off our products and the toils of our labor. you big mafia pricks are the thorn to humanities development and aspiration for open borders and an open society when you max out your profits by making drugs illegal and passing on your false morality through your churches and moral institutions.



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