not exactly but a military satellite exploded while it was passing over the electromagnetic field of a storm. must be some kind of spin gyroscopic dynamo effect. but just because theres no signal does it mean its been cancelled or not there? how do they know it exploded. it could simply be an EMP effect but most definitely other forces are at work AND ARE not necessarily in the same relative frequency. NEWS FROM THE MILITARY IS CAREFULLY DISSEMINATED AND USUALLY SHARES THE SAME SOURCE. and then hackers came into the picture. hahahahaha!
its difficult to confirm these kinds of reports. but once in a while you see a fireball in the sky and it leaves you wondering what the fuck was that? right? they cant just give out info out coz they know there are treasure hunters out there lookin for souvenirs. thing is, theres all kinds of shit floating in space and that includes microrganisms. imagine, these microorganisms have survived being locked in by gravity. they are free and there are many. you just cant see them. it needs a quarantine. today theres not much intra national secrecy when it comes to space shit; a crisis management with limited outgoing channels.


military satellites=corporate espionage



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