if you dont hit your target its a read right? i tried just focusing on hitting my target which was the upper hoop of the handle. 
— my bad, the video cut off at 5 minutes 32 seconds. fuckin microsoft bootcamp app remoting my ipad. noob! lol! 

— vid quits at the 22nd shot.

— 3rd dart hits plastic rim. 

— 5th dar hits position 5 on the board slightly north of middle with respect to the edges of the kameras field of view.

— 7th & 8th dart hits plastic rim.

— 10th dart hits position 1 (14 or 5 when core is 123 of the harry jotter book. lol)

— 12th and 14th dart hits plastic rim.

— 15th dart hits position 1.

— i have no idea what the 16th dart did.

— 20th dart hits position 8 or 9 depending on which side of the rim. this is also 10 in the chart when core is 123 or 6 when you add the digits.

— 21st dart followed up tieranically.

— 22nd dart hits plastic rim.
although i finally shot the bolt through the hoop and stuck the target, hittin the plastic rim was good enough. actually, the dart was a slingshot bolt at first until the rubber broke from getting poked. i do put my finger on the butt end of the dart and launch it like an aided spear instead of holding it like a dart between your fingers. 



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