check out the screenshots i made from a video this dude was making on cutting power of a katana vs. a homemade ork sword. first of all dontlisten to what the dude is sayin hes full of shit. lol. stainless is not what katanas are suppose to be. hahaha! regardless he’s got a pretty pimped out bathtub that he probably made himself. lmao!
— note that the katana has a smooth mirror finish.

— the orksword though it has more weight that might could break bone with more ease, has a raw finish with micro air spaces between the ridges of its rawness. lol!

— pinuti in the philippines means to whiten. it refers to giving a machete a mirror finish to allow for efficient slicing or fileting.

— the katana sliced through the tatami reed mat clean.

— the orksword did not slice through but the tatami was rather taken with the sword. the raw finish on the ork sword acted like a hook and loop with the tatami. the problems associated with this is referred to going around uranus wiping out klingons.
i know its like splitting hair. but i felt like i was going numb from all the stimulus i was getting from food and drinks not to mention all the chemicals round me that i could see the value of air and my natural surroundings anymore. but if you take the time to appreciate the small things. you might just find yourself again.



Don't worry about it. Just read the Blog and you'll know what this Blog is all about.
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