this is for you motherfuckers who have no faith. about 3 or 4 days ago i saw a golden eagle get run out by a hawk. i swore to keep them paths open for those who follow the beat of another drummer. fuck conformity and fuck your order you soulless fucks! black up bitches!
finally the homey comes to swat off the crow. it did take a few days though. but nah they’re not completely antisocial. lmao! but nonetheless, pay attention to the directions they are flying. also, since we are in the world of number two, we are witnessing her amazing work.
first it was two crows vs. two hawks. both hawks were singled out by the crows and split them. as one hawk was gettin chased eastward, the other hawk managed to shake off the crow and swooped down on the other crow chasing his homey. he went on beast mode and shot down with a shallow angle in a northwestward direction.
nah no satan beast shit here coz it is the crow christian jew muslim gestapo gun and drug runnin communities is satan. that G for god stands for gemeinsam and gesellschaft. follow that money and their goddamned inventions, you know exactly where that’ll take you. GERMAN INDUSTRIALISTS. know that! free them lower basket gangsters through diversification. they’re flexible anyways. hehe. they know how to roll with the punches. and fuck em up top by legalizing drugs through the eradication of the narcotics act of 1913 and 1927. you have to go after both. the only difference between them is heroin was legal until 1927. you drop one and the other will still be enacted and in effect.
see ENGLANDs reaction on my youtube feed, rolling stones is cryin like a bitch already; hinting at a red dot. on me? i dont think so. your fake ass psyop spitfire royal airforce symbol of the red dot surrounded by other colors as if you save the world from communism when you are the goddamned commies.! from the anglican church in to mecca in saudi arabia you are all shills. from the commonwealth of the philippines to the mccarthy era to feed and secure your industries on some bitch second level shit you’ve had your goddamned scarface ass grasp around the world since time immemorial.
over and over we will fuck you until the very end of time at 150% you fucking soulless fucks! you fell out of grace a long ass time ago.



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