RIO 10 

when i worked for ACORN, association for community organization for reform now, the boss lady, a bostoner private school graduate sent me to recruit 113th street and compton. i was told that no businesses want to invest in WATTS and thats why you see gas stations only at the boundary.
its certainly another narrative they’re feedin. why? coz if anyone knew about rioting it’s watts. twice. as a matter of fact LA riots when the lakers win. lol! that would make gasoline a weapon and it was banned in watts. question is who would ban it? the tradition of mayors in watts? bullshit! one mayor since the 64 watts riots would’ve repealed the ban and reinstated gas stations. thats another narrative.
i call bullshit because LA is an gasoline dependent auto industry run city and that kind of pressure from the greedy bastards could only come from outside of watts. so, its only time to give props to the tradition of mayors in watts who resisted a corporate run city. now check out how santa ana blvd. meets up with willowbrook av. and forms a triangle with a slant. its roughly the same kind of triangle in PACOIMA at the base of the mountain.
now off the side, halfway around the world, also at the foothill base of the ALPS, is a little french german town called SION. it also has a city architecture similar to watts and pacoima. a pointy hat. lmao! this is where ZION gets its name. it means bloodlines. and indeed watts and pacoima is blood up.
so what the fuck happened? you got a posh ass city like sion and pacoima and watt are run down? look at the map where OBERAMERGAU and , dig this, KEMPTEN, germany’s compton. follow it up and you’ll see OTTOBEUREN. otto is AUTO as in automobile. THIS IS EVIDENT OF THEIR COLLUSION TO PROVIDE AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT COULD HAPPEN IF YOU DON’T PLAY BY THEIR MOB RULES, ACCORDING TO THEM. MOTHERFUCKERS DONT YOU THINK ITS TIME TO FREE YOUR PEOPLE FROM THE DEVILS CIRCLE. YES IM TALKING TO YOU GERMAN JEWS. WITH YOU AND YOUR AUTOMOBILE, GAS, CEMENT AND STEEL INDUSTRIES. listen to the motherfuckers go, ‘pssssst, they’re not our people’.



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