a mexican following german descendants. check out the picture of SS reading a book on islam and judaism and tell me that ain’t a GROOMS ORDER CATALOG. genocide is nothing new to germans. here is proof of another genocide, THE CONGO.
king leopold 2 of belgium, known as THE BUILDER KING (see ottobeuer on the southwest german map bordering belgium) was responsible for the deaths of from 1 million to 10 million congolese men women and children. before that leopold travelled extensively throughout asia including india and china. this sparked the industrial revolutions of those countries only to be secretly masked behind a veil of secrecy that resulted in the bamboo and iron curtains of asia. what was behind this collusion and secrecy?
it’s all bullshit freemason histories weaving in and out of shady cutthroat business practices hiding their tracks. this time its second level handed down mafia industries namely steel, auto obile and oil industries. opec is headquartered in vienna, austria. put the initials together and see the AV freemason sign. and now they got jews and arabs on their boat, or do they? for you mixed bloods who love white people shit, or matter how much you cover yourself in their products and shit, you will never be them! you start following someone elses drum beat or your own and they will take you down. they mock you and plan to take you out.
read between the lines and connect the dots to see that we are still under germanic aristocracy elite jew rule. they just call it different names and center it in different places so you cant trace it back to them. see mason city architecture protecting value target institutions.
the philippines was also requested for acquisition, historically through queen isabella denied, but carried through with it covertly. i say covert in that it offered a plausible deniability to not have had contact with the philippines.
but the german auto industry has clearly set deep roots in the philippines. not only as a customer but as a producer and industrialist. the rubber industry was the partner industry to the auto industry. and it is clear that these brothers of the industry has been forgotten and cheated. not only that, filipinos are reimporting ‘their product’ at four times the price? ie. the cost of name brand tires. now what the fuck is wrong with this picture?
LOS ANGELES in the height of auto industry production was an industrial city. the auto industry bought the tram and rail system industry in L.A. and ran it to the ground. FUCK L.A.!



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