a new typhoon is ravaging the north side of the philippines, or the rural and tribal side to be exact. its now grown to a category 4 with 35 foot waves. this apparently has been the target the last 2 or 3 typhoons thats gone by, not to mention those of china taiwan and southern japanese islans, namely okinawa. i do have a aunty id like to give a shout out to in okinawa. and because you will probably get the skirt end of the cyclone, stay on high ground and be safe.
the dangers that result from constant inundation are saturated grounds ripe for landslides. this would open up the earth in different ways that one might discover hidden mines behind the rice terraces. embrace the force coming to you and transform that energy. stay away from flying machetes a.k.a. corrugated steel sheet roofing. its all second level economy advertising to upgrade in their goddamned economies.
in the meantime, put your meanest motherfuckers the side of the cyclone and pulse. you radio bitches, pulse, drummers and musicians, pulse, random motherfuckers, pulse. if you happen to be networked with surrounding islands then ping pong that shit til it dissipates somewhere in the middle of the ocean. guam, hawaii and the marianas must be protected.



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