on the bluegrass vs folk music riff. american folk music roots originated from coal miner accapella music in the appalachians. when and where did it split? you see joan baez and media crew get huge while the other remained in the working and poor class. see greenwich village big bands in the 20s made up of rich ex german jews and the other poor jews at work in the coal mines around that time.
in short its about appalachian roots the help they received and those who took it from them and made lots and lots of money while the other on a linear got to slowly afford guns to hunt and build a collection of instruments. the media supported jews hid behind the truth. hide hyde beneath the wheel. whats the wheel? one is the commercial wheel or rotary club. the other wheel is the stargate or satellite. same continuum. intel and its dissemination and protection. from there, two camps, one exclusive and expensive products made available to a few. the other made it available for many at cheaper less expensive prices.
problem: COPYRIGHT (R) and TRADEMARK (TM) LAWYERS locking a stolen idea into their economies to capitalize from. capitalizing socialists? what does socialists and capitalists have in common? karl marx. are corporations capitalists? not necessarily. they are capitalist socialists. socialists through shares. but exclusive in the amount of shares they possess, not to mention excluding those who do not possess any of the shares nor is a loyal customer and advertising agent.
dont get confused. they dont give a shit about you because they can just find another buyer or someone else to wear their textiles and products that provides adverts for them. the ustomer in turn signal to others through the products they buy. this is called CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION.
conspicuous consumption can be split in the same way. expensive and cheap. rolex versus healthy kids cheese balls. both are shit. why? because them fucking satellites stole your dumbass ideas and yet you keep supporting the method and products without getting paid for it. myself included. yes they taste good and look good. whats wrong with that right?
we are fucking trapped. there is no hope. they got us working for them as slaves and take that money back when we buy their products. whats the difference between dumm dumms in europe like myself and someone from a thirdworld country as in myself? the income and political borders that separate them.
lastly, SINGLE UNIT CURRENCY, whatever form that may take, is the sole reason for why there are haves and the have nots.


REPARATIONS NOW! and then we find the ultimate source of the problem of our persecutive nature and why people separate themselves and why we get mad at them for separating. stupid humans. now give me the keys to he UFO already! LMAO!



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