the O penis ring mafias are not just limited to ladies. ladies, especially evita types, aka belinda from claremont organze entire mobs to carry out their agendas, mainly to cover up for their shit. this bitch was dragging her daughter by the hair and gave her a black eye. lol. real or not this hotel and resort agent and assassin, organized a mob ring called THE CLAREMONT ENTERTAINMENT MAFIA or CEM, a signal in turkish to shame. the best part with the CLAREMONT ENTERTAINMENT MAFIA is its mixed up with mexicans pretending to be bloods but are jew bitch run bitch niggas. yeah you know who you are. dudes using bitch techniques. that makes you a bitch don’t it. herpes ridden ass motherfuckers battin 200 and still cant get enough. what the fuck you motherfuckers passing around R. KELLY’S video for? wanna set up another artist so you can catch a break and get famous. you motherfuckers are famous now witch your marked ass bitches!



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