see those numbers and how much tech do we have and still cant solve missing children cases? what a bunch of bullshit. that list of missing children is an indicator for railroading activity being done by the community and the numbers reflect how many who had the balls to go against society and the community.
first is those numbers reflect PARENTS WHO HAVE TAKEN THEIR OWN KIDS AWAY from the other parent. that is a railroading of sorts or avoiding one. the other is ELOPING and how many minors fall in love with someone else older and simply live together with them and decided to go against the world together.
another is your RUNAWAYS wanting to escape railroad networks just like the former and decided to leave home and say fuck the system! these are all indicators of people who are sick of it all and wanted to leave and get away

from community and societal railroading if not for the simple reasons of freedom and bullshit familial obligations and the more often then not complications that arise from them.
with the time travel technology we have along with other TECHNOLOGIES, no one got sexually abducted or killed unless they allowed it to or is under some sort of management. but more than likely it is of the reasons mentioned above. dont listen to anyone crying about pedofilia because everyone has either done it or has thought about it.
just because someone made a choice to be with their current partner doesnt mean they have quit thinking about it. as a matter of fact there is as much pedofilia being acted out as there are spouses cheating on each other when you consider divorce rates and the statistic of one out of four children are sexually abused. so if you are not doing it you are thinking it. free your children now!



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