the massive ten alarm fire in CAMBRIDGE that worked 11 buildings left no deaths miraculously according to reports.
the OAKLAND ARTIST COMMUNITY fire did not play out miraculously unfortunately. instead, bodies piled up. 24 more bodies were found on top of the original 9. if you are having a hard time reading this, you should take a break and beat off awhile and get back to reading this. you need it. lol!
otherwise this is a fucked christian hatin on artists op. in case you artist are too busy drinkin champagne with your custies, better start sharpening your pencils and wake the fuck up!
on the letter i found in my mailbox of the list of activities step for step of their plan, we are at st. marien in which is the M on massachussets and CALI MARI. or A HIT ON CALABAR or CARABALI if you are on top of the underground news. wake the fuck! and stop your jew instigating infiltrated ass ways to maintain what? your broke ass status quo?



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