who doesn’t believe in miracles? is there really such thing as miracles or are there simply some things they haven’t told us coz it might freak us out? i’m gonna go with the latter. the wind, attributed the number 9 mainly in the ancestor religion of santeria, is general in terms of that it is a force that cannot be seen but rather felt. if you pay attention close enough you will notice that there is a consciousness behind it beyond fate and destiny. in greek methology she would be athena. its not too far from her name in the religion palo which is centella. both have the root word ten in it. and 9 is when she drops down to go to war. both centella or oya and athena are warrior godesses.
there are many sources for WIND and thats why among seafarers there is the concept of the four winds that is shared by native americans and other tribal cultures. this one though is simply AIR. microorganisms mixed with your own microorganisms and electric fields all make up this air.
alone THOUGHT has an electrical imprint that can go beyond the boundaries of your own body and electrical field. this can be shown in its most simplest of form, by EEG that plots out peaks and lows of the frequency in a linear fashion. it is limited and should be further developed. now mix that with the electrical frequency by microorganisms sourced externally from you and you have ancestor communication.
in the photo, i have a fetish that i made myself using a human skull as a vessel. the skull is old that i purchased from an antique store in the netherlands. you can see its age by its color. it is heavily patinated and it looked as if it was experimented on already. the skulls upper dome was cut in the middle to meet the horizontal cut from the sides to open it up. you can see that the cuts are old because it too shows patina. anomalous is the size of the skull. it is small (more than likely female and young in age) yet all plates are closed and sealed. the only plates open are the side parietals.
now here’s the interesting part, i made a fruit offering to her and one of the fruits displayed the number 5 on the peel in black. it wasnt there before nor was it there in between when i checked on it.
interesting is also the coconut offering i made. how they are on the foto is how they landed when i threw both of them on the floor to break them and get a read. they all turned up which is a great sign. but they also landed in the form of a cross. as you can see the coconut piece in the north does not have its shell. the shell landed east next to the other piece while its meaty part landed north.
also, the northernmost peice had the most molds/fungus on it. this is normal since its been sitting there some time. but the one next to the vessel where she sits in contains no mold whatsoever. at least visibly.
you might trip on the candles which i left from a previous ceremony. there were 4 candles to begin with. green, deep red, yellow and red. the green one burnt partially. the marroon one burnt first all the way down. the yellow and the red one stayed where they are in the foto. to my surprise, the yellow candle poured its melted contents into the recesses of the red one next to it. you really have to see it for yourself to believe it.
on the next post i’m gonna try to explain how dinasours got their feathers to turn into birds. later alligator 🙂



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