john glenn dies on this 9 december 2016 while leonard peltier still sits in prison. leonard peltier is an american indian activist falsely imprisoned for killing 2 fbi agents whom entered the pine ridge reservation chasing after a murder suspect. indeed it was tragic for the fbi but why were they sent there in the first place knowing the time was hot. the american movement was in swing that turned out to be the biggest domestic war since the civil war.
the thing about peltiers case is that his weapon did not match the ballistic report but was found guilty. it folded on one key witness mary running bear whos witness testimony was invalidated because she failed a psychological test?! it would only be fair now in these times were all going through and some of the challenges you have helped to overcome to release leonard peltier from prison. as a matter of fact since you have set up the infrastructure for it release everyone from prison. at least you can on the basis of a faulty psychological test re-open the case and file again for an appeal.
yes there was guns firing and. ullets flyin. you know indians man. their rednecks. petition for appealing reopening and pardoning leonard peltier.



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