this is some really weird shit. three days ago on the 21st of january i took a group photo of ducks that arranged themselves for me. note the purple headed ducks position and which way hes ponting his bill. in my diagram hes pointing at position 17 kobayendes position in my basement. at 9 or 21 oclock.
today is the 27th and a hawk perchs with some crows on a tree to my left. the crows sat on the tops while he took the lowest branch in the middle of the tree. i had the camera on mirror up so my timing was all fucked up. but i manage to get a shot of the hawk looking my way before he took a sharp left. his last photo while flying off easterly towards dr. mengelde aka mangled hands aka michael fuckners clinic. the hawks tail at a two dimensional perspective points towards position 17.
the final confirmation i received from the grocery store believe it or not. my grocery BILL, i shit you not., totalled at 17 euros and 17 cents. you cannot make this shit up. lol!
the picture with the cup and mold growing on it was taken today and also provides hints to fate and destinys intricate innerworkings. the small point of the mold in the cup is where the foto was taken. and if youre facing the same way baby is facing northwest the big mold circle is position 17.
weird shit indeed folks. i cannot explain any of this but show and prove it to you. i apologize for tweaking the colors but they don’t seem to mind. peace.



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