upon flipping the pages of the book THE AETA AT THE MT. PINATUBO, PHILIPPINES by luck i landed on pages 8 and 9. added together it is 17 german subcommunicated intelligence.
the segment is about dependence and the self reliance of a tribal folk. first, i wouldnt call it self reliance just because you know how to use tools. it is still dependence to external sources. it comes down to allowing foreign entities to use our resources and our markets without subsidies or any external support that would substitute for the jobs and resources taken away from us. that means machines used to extrude and extract resources should be provided by company or nation who wants to utilize your resources and markets and not having nations pay for your machines to the point where they cannot possibly accumulate any kind of wealth. fuckin dumb on our behalf and fucking lame of master but what the fuck is new for power hungry greedy jews.
the author STEFAN SEITZ, supports another author on the topic’s assertion that “AUTARKY and AUTONOMY are key prerequisites for socioeconomic growth within a given set of local and regional conditions.” 
at first i was like, wtf is autarky?! it sounds like anarchy but in context it probably is in line with autonomy, and the is the QUALITY of AUTONOMY. why the fuck would the author even flaunt such verbal snobberry unless he is signaling. and indeed, in german quality is qualitaet. which is the first understood meaning of the word. for the german speaking assassin, it means QUAELEN or TORTURE. the final hint that this is a signal for assassins is the word for jellyfish and that is QUALE. the kind of jellyfish that plagued my home state of south carolina is THE PORTUGUESE MAN AT WAR. 
this would certainly signal time travellers to torture and imprison tribal peoples in the past when they make their cultural adjustments. another support for this is a dictionary of the kongo language by bentley on behalf of the baptist mission and king leopold of belgium written in 1887 where it says to “tie the goats”, with goats referring to africans where the missionaries set base for the christian mission. 
not only is this a signal to adjust the past but is a signal for the present and future generations to come, unfortunately. time travellers on behalf of german industry and administrations and their psychological industry driven adjustment bureaus must be stopped at all costs. peril.
before there was herding and farming there was hunting and gathering. with a nomadic lifestyle this is sustainable where resources are allowed to renew and regenerate much like the nomadic life of migrating birds and 4 legged animals. 
the author lists what you need for TERRITORIAL AUTONOMY firstly, what is territorial autonomy? A KINGDOM. the author then proceeds with his choice of words to remind us of sumer and housing construction that could not have been done and created by the local population since sumerian society lived prior technological advances such as start, maintenance and control of fire, mining, separation of ore and smelting at around 3,500 BC. it might sound insignificant but jargonistic linguistic expression at low frequencies requires special attention. 
mention of the ‘almost’ self reliant nature of aetas prior to the catastrophy and present state of dependency primarily hints at the authors attempt to equate the catastrophy to a mandate to keep people subservient. but it is alluded repeatedly as to the dependent nature of the aeta. how many different ways can you say parasite before the population relieves the state and industries responsibility to compensate by asking for complete freedom. these people are so satanically and devilishly sick that they would even suggest death. 
the agta is a mythological black man, akin to the boogie man or schwarze mann in german who smokes cigars and spits on people below him while sitting on a mango tree. lol. important to note that the word schwarz is used here and not nega. bothmean black without negative context. the difference is in natures role as you will see. 
AG in german means corporation. it is the abbreviated suffix you get when applying for a business license of this nature. GmbH, for mid sized businesses sometimes under a larger holding company or financial firm, would be INCORPORATED and LIMITED respectively. 
TA in english is short for teachers assistant. in congo, TA is short for tata or father. AGTA is then short for father of corporations which explains why shwarz is used in describing the boogieman instead of nega. 
TA is closer perhaps to german gestapo democrat educate the world as another one of their industries meaning, corporations are the teachers assistant. thats why you see mottos which aid to further their agenda and serve as a trumpet for dissemination of intel. this is referred to as CONSUMER CONSUMPTION. wearing a rolex to signal king (rex) or railroading someone (rolling up). the bezel or ring around the watch signify embezzelment which requires further investigation especially around financial institutions and collections agencies built in and around a kingDOM. 
paper as i have said is the legendary rockafellar and rothschilds industry. is it not a surprise that they have burned libraries ie. alexandria and destroyed other forms of writing? for example the philippines once had a thriving written language etched on bark and bamboo until the spaniards during ciglo de oro in 1521 (starting in spain in 1492) collected and burned most of the existing exemplars. some survived and bears a resemblance to pre colonial sanskrit. by pre colonial i mean prior to german influence and occupation of nepal. the indogermanic language is a trade pathway if you trace it. so you can follow their industries and predict future industrial acquisitory attempts at the same time be a bitch about it and pull out without reparations and compensation meanwhile having been made dependent to something you cannot produce yourself and be made to fall behind the rat race that will ultimately kill us all and our environment with it. peril.
this discussion certainly was not intended to single out germans nor any corporations and businesses for that matter. i say germany to refer to europe and their ruling industrial elites who has been aggregating informations, intelligence, and inventions from their constituents and subject aka slaves. remember that pyromaster wizard guy has no interest in world dominance and lives like a complete slob. the ideas are stolen and coerced as in the case of galileo galile. the blame is placed on the italians and rome but it was the germans who sacked rome in 400. the elites purportedly had ‘taken over’ the financial administration system and rolled with it. 
i call bullshit and say it was their settlements all along. why because celtic urns from the bronze age are made of the same stuff as building materials. low fired clay. indeed it is of a layman in the hands of pyromaster type and not necessarily the poultry full burial with sacrificial animals, gold and servants kind. vassals sacrificed to fire and not the elites? must be some baal shit. aal is eel in german and together baal would be ‘be ill’. pharma industry anyone? thanks to everyone and their research and will to fight that we have managed somewhat to lower prices for some medications. please keep up the fight. 
what is good business, a no bullshit straight talking business. on line with the AGTA intel, AGFA, a german camera brand, is interesting in that they missignalled the fate of corporations not to mention incorporations and limited. FA is FH pinched at the top. FH stands for fachhochschule where CEO’s and kings of the chemical industry in germany teach. and yes its a misprint but fa indeed since fa stands for destiny in yoruba and it is fe in spanish. the photography community have brought much attention to the beauty as well as the plight of tribal people. 4.  



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